executive job seeker

Tips for the Less ‘Out There’ Job Seekers and Career Networkers

While more outgoing people often thrive in face-to-face, ‘I’m here’ professional interactions, some of us prefer a subtler approach to making contact. The thought of attending a business networking event with teems of fellow attendees can be pretty overwhelming to those that aren’t so outgoing. And then there’s the daunting prospect of initiating phone and/or…

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looking for a job

Assets of the Mature-Aged Job Seeker

For those of us who’ve been in the workforce for quite some time now, there are many changes in the employment sector that we’ve been privy to. This includes the evolution of career documentation into job targeted resumes and accompanying brand collateral such as LinkedIn. It also includes ever-changing technologies fuelled by a more dynamic…

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Interview skills training

4 Interview Mistakes That Could Cost You the Job – and How to Avoid Them

So you’ve gotten over the first significant hurdle of making it to interview stage with your professionally written career documentation. Now it’s time to consider that next major hurdle which is being interviewed. It’s a scary prospect for most of us. But if you’re prepared, the job jitters are far less likely to disrupt your…

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LinkedIn Profile Development

Why ‘Unemployed’ Shouldn’t Be Your LinkedIn Branding

Recent statistics validate LinkedIn’s reputation as a major recruitment channel on the global stage. Since going public in May 2011, its membership has skyrocketed to over 300 million, with two new users joining every second of every day. Yet despite clear indicators that we should all be on LinkedIn to boost our employment opportunities, there…

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How Clean is Your Online Brand?

I recently had a jobseeking client who was desperately struggling to find work – and she couldn’t understand why. She’d never really considered the powerful influence of social media on her personal branding. Social media is frequently reviewed by recruiters to get a real feel for job candidates, the digital dirt on what makes them…

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executive resume achievements

Are Your Skills and Achievements Ready for 2017?

While a recent Hays report has identified job roles and sectors that are ‘hot’ in 2017, it has also emphasised the need to continue to boost and individualise your professional capabilities to stand out in today’s highly competitive marketplace. If you’re not continually expanding your skills horizons while keeping track of your specific job achievements,…

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career change

How to Make a Smooth and Constructive Job Transition

Whether you’re changing companies or moving into a new role with the same employer, including job promotions, ‘new kid on the block’ feelings are highly likely. Yet job transitions are an ideal opportunity to bolster and reinvent our personal brand – to re-assess and build on our professional strengths, skills and areas of expertise. Particularly…

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Executive Resume Writing

How to Resign the Right Way – Keep It Professional and Forward-Thinking

Recent statistics have estimated that the average person will change jobs between 10 and 15 times throughout their professional career. That’s a significant amount of career transitions, most of which are going to involve a prominent amount of influential (and potentially detrimental) accomplices and bystanders, from bosses and colleagues to business-critical customers. How you shift…

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Executive Cover Letter

How to Tailor Your Job Application Cover Letter – In 3 Easy Steps

The cover letter you send with your resume when applying for a job is all about generating interest, enthusiasm and action from your reader. But if you don’t tailor your cover letter specifically for each job that you apply for, it simply won’t attract the interest you desire from the hiring authority. A third of…

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professional resume mistakes

5 BIG Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Your Resume

A job seeker who’d been in the career game for many years recently contacted me, perplexed at why his application wasn’t even getting a sniff from recruiters. He’d been diligent at keeping his resume up-to-date, from consistently adding every job he’d had in the past 20 years to methodically listing all of his personal achievements.…

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