Are Your Skills and Achievements Ready for 2017?

executive resume achievementsWhile a recent Hays report has identified job roles and sectors that are ‘hot’ in 2017, it has also emphasised the need to continue to boost and individualise your professional capabilities to stand out in today’s highly competitive marketplace. If you’re not continually expanding your skills horizons while keeping track of your specific job achievements, you could be doing yourself a career disservice.

According to Hays, the six roles that are most likely to be in demand this year are Financial Analysts, Payrollers, Site Managers, Data Analysts, DevOps Engineers and Sales Administrators. Those within renewable energy, disability case load management and HR business partnering are also going to be significantly focused on by recruiters. However, don’t despair if your own career history has no association with these areas.

It’s also been reported by Hays that prospective employees who can prove their ability to add value to an organisation are going to stand out in 2017.

“In compiling our list of skills in demand, one common trend was employers’ requests for candidates who can add extra value.” (Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand)

So if you haven’t been intuitively recording the personal contributions you’ve made to your employer organisations, or if you’ve been putting off an additional certification that’s only going to boost your credentials, it’s time to start taking action. There are very few roles out there today where you can continue to complete the same day-to-day tasks and responsibilities without diversifying or intensifying your scope and capabilities. It’s up to you to make yourself and your strengths and accomplishments stand out, so keep developing and keep track.

Another sector that’s really ‘burning’ this year is industrial robotics and service robotics, while the more people-focused frontline case managers and education-based childcare staff are also highlighted as ‘must have more’ in Australia’s professional marketplace. Here’s a link to the relevant Hays article if you’d like to find out more about skills in demand in 2017.

Having assisted many to achieve and even exceed their job seeking dreams, I’d strongly recommend you make this the year where you take that course, strive for that promotion and/or opt to be the technical subject matter expert to both broaden and deepen your professional offerings. Embrace self-instigated change and development to bolster and enrich your career opportunities, both within and outside of your current workplace.

Sarah Cronin has extensive experience in collaborating with job seekers to ensure their next chosen career step is professionally presented and successfully obtained. In addition to resumes and cover letters, we also develop LinkedIn profiles, selection criteria and other career documentation that ensures your career prospers. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your needs further.

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