Professional resume writing services – packages

With our 97% success rate landing interviews for clients, your investment has a strong potential to save you money. Just think, a powerful resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile will reduce your time spent searching for work, effectively position you to change jobs or take the next big step in your career, and help you secure a higher paying position. We’re not a secretarial or typing service. If you’re after a reformat or update of your existing resume, this is not the place for you. We start from scratch, taking the time to meticulously create your distinctive and authentic documents that are specially branded and unique for you.

Executive / Management Packages – applying for senior, management, executive, C-Suite (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO), VP, GM, project management, specialist, technical, and IT management roles

Essential Resume Service – for non-management, university / tafe students or graduates, and trade positions (not including management / supervisory or project management roles)

We can also tailor a package for you that meets your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

How to calculate the value of your professional resume writing services investment

This is a rough way to estimate your investment value for your professional resume writing services.

An average work year, taking into account public holidays, weekends, annual and sick leave, is around 2,000 hours, working on an average 8-hour working day. “I’m working more than that” I hear you say. You can use the formula below to calculate your individual daily salary.

To calculate your hourly rate, just divide your salary by 2,000. Now multiply that by 8 and you have your base daily salary.

So, a C-suite executive who is earning $200,000 is making $100 per hour or $800 per day. At that rate, a $2000 career package has paid for itself in less than 3 days of employment (and that doesn’t take into account bonuses, benefits, equity and other perks).

If your professional career documents shorten your job search by even just a couple of days, assist you in securing a higher paying job, or catapult you to the next level in your career, isn’t it worth it? You do the math.

Also, professional resume writing services are often 100% tax deductible, but check with your accountant.

Please contact us to discuss our professional resume writing services, your career requirements and next steps. View our individual professional resume writing services.

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