Silver Package

Silver Package

You’re ready to step up to the next level and you wish to showcase your unique talents to be distinguished from other professionals. The Silver Package includes the basics required for your job search.


Professional Resume:  Do you have a clearly defined goal but need a professional resume that reflects your expertise? We will create your powerful, branded, keyword optimised executive resume, focusing on your key achievements and contributions to demonstrate the value you can bring to an organisation.

Cover Letter OR E-Note: Cover letters are often overlooked as an unimportant aspect of a job application. This is simply not true – cover letters are vital as they establish all-important rapport with the prospective employer and effectively communicate your personal brand whilst highlighting some of your key achievements and strengths. The E-Note is a cut and refined version of the traditional cover letter, perfectly suited to today’s digital age. The E-Note gets straight to the point and eliminates unnecessary information; it’s just a third to a half a page and appears in the body of your email to the hiring authority, guaranteeing it will be seen and you’re effectively selling yourself before any attachments are even opened.


LinkedIn Profile Development: LinkedIn can help you effectively position yourself in the competitive job market, network with like-minded people in your industry, and apply for advertised jobs through an online database. You may even be headhunted by recruiters or potential employers. As the world’s largest professional network with over 380 million members worldwide and more than 7 million members in Australia, you’d be mad not to join! This value-packed service includes professional LinkedIn strategy development and advice, LinkedIn Profile Tips guide, and a full keyword optimised LinkedIn profile including:

  • Headline;
  • Summary;
  • Experience (15 years);
  • Education;
  • Certifications and Courses;
  • Skills;
  • Languages, Volunteering, Honours/Awards, Patents, Causes, Organisations, Projects, (as appropriate);
  • Suggested Groups to join;
  • Suggested Companies to follow;
  • Your supplied photo updated and cropped;
  • Background photo;
  • Your content uploaded to your online profile; and
  • LinkedIn Tips Guide.

This service includes:

  • 30-45 minute phone consultation in addition to your completion of an information form. The phone interview will allow us to draw out all critical information so that all vital aspects of your story can be told, including forensic questioning examining your unique talents and analysing your career and value you offer the prospective employer;
  • ATS-optimised designed resume. If you are applying online there’s a good chance that your resume will be received, scanned by an ATS (applicant tracking system), and entered into a recruiter’s database. Your resume won’t meet human eyes until after it’s been classified by a computer – and even then it will only be read by a person if it’s a good match for an electronic search. We’ll optimise your resume for ATS, ensuring it contains the correct formatting and industry-specific keywords to increase its chances of passing through and being picked up by any resume scanning software.
  • Full colour personalised resume design with advanced formatting based on your unique requirements, career goals and target role/industry (Executive Packages only, or upon request).
  • Your resume in MS Word (email) and PDF (print) formats.

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